And why you just might need one!

by Kim Baram | November 15, 2015

Brisbane's Best Personal Trainers and Why You Might Need One by Kim Baram - Personal Trainer at Amore Fitness.

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I was surprised to find out that I was named as one of Brisbane’s Best Personal Trainers in Style Magazines, so I thought I'd take this opportunity now to acknowledge this and thank everyone who nominated me – whoever you are! This would not be possible without you.


Main reasons why you need a Personal Trainer


If you're thinking a Personal Trainer might be just what you need to get you on track, I've listed below some of the top reasons why a Personal Trainer is your best way to get in shape.


A Personal Trainer can help you if you:


  • are struggling to lose weight

  • have hit a plateau with your diet and exercise

  • are not in the right mindset

  • lack the motivation and drive to exercise

  • need to be held accountable to your goals

  • don't like gyms

  • are not sure what exercises you should be doing

  • don't know how to exercise properly

  • don't know what equipment to use that is right for you

  • want the convenience of a trainer who comes to you

  • find your own exercise regime isn't effective

  • have recurring injuries that are limiting your recovery and road back to fitness

  • are using incorrect technique and posture to perform exercises

  • need constructive criticism to improve your workouts and meal plan

  • need a customised plan suited to your body issues and goals

  • and you just need someone there to confidently guide you through it. 


What you should look for in a Personal Trainer


When looking for a Personal Trainer that's the right fit for you, here are the top things to look out for.


Look for a Personal Trainer who:


  • is qualified with a minimum Certificate IV in Fitness

  • has current registration and insurance with Fitness Australia

  • has current first aid and CPR

  • is experienced

  • knows what they're talking about

  • is approachable

  • shows empathy and care

  • listens to you

  • is focused on you in your sessions

  • is concerned about managing any injuries you may have

  • is fit themselves and lives and breathes what they preach

  • has testimonials and reviews of their track record.


I hope this information is helpful to you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to help you to get moving and live a healthier, more active lifestyle.


- Kim


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Brisbane's Best Personal Trainers and Why You Might Need One.