If you want to improve in a sport or activity or participate in events such as Tough Mudder, we can provide specialist event training to help improve your fitness performance.


Our programs are based around increasing speed, strength, flexibility and power, whilst also maintaining a great focus on keeping you safe and injury free.

  Fun runs, 5-15km runs
  Triathlons, Half or full marathons
  Mountain climbing

  Rock climbing


  Team events i.e. Tough Mudder.

We can custom-design the perfect program for you so that you can maximise the gains from your training program in the time available to improve your performance in your chosen sport or activity.


We utilise a variety of training methods and techniques in our programs, so whether you're an amateur sportsperson or fitness enthusiast looking to improve in a sport, lose weight or gain a healthier lifestyle, you will benefit from our training.


We can also tailor a program for groups of individuals with similar goals and fitness levels to train together in a

team environment and we will teach you how to be an effective team player.


Each session is interesting and varied so you're always being challenged in a variety of ways with cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises to help your group quickly reach your fitness goals.


We provide the same service as personal training for your event. Have a look at our prices and choose the option that best suits you, then contact us to help you get started. We believe no matter what you want to achieve, nothing is impossible... you just have to get out there and do it!


Book an introductory trial session today for as little as $60

Call us on 0407 032 491 or fill out the booking form so we can help you get started right away.

Event Training Brisbane | Amore Fitness

Event Training


Training for a fitness challenge such as Tough Mudder? Amore Fitness can help you improve your core, lower and upper body with strength training
Fitness Challenge

To participate in a team event such as Tough Mudder requires specific training which challenges your endurance and lower body, much in the same way as a marathon does, including all other aspects of your physical stamina and strength. The variety of obstacles faced require lower, core and upper body strength training. We can also teach you how to be an effective team player and realise the strengths and weaknesses of your team so everyone gets over the line and finishes.

Training for a Marathon? Amore Fitness can develop a targeted strength and conditioning program to improve a runner's performance and increase your joint stability, reducing your risk of repetitive stress injuries
Marathon, Charity Event

A targeted strength and interval training program can improve a runner's performance and also increase your joint stability, reducing your risk of repetitive stress injuries. This is often caused by muscular strength imbalances by strengthening the muscles running neglects. This is often the muscles around the hips and glutes. This type of program will also improve endurance running events as fatigue is often a key contributing factor to decreased running performance.

Amore Fitness provides specialist Personal Training for special occasions so you can look and feel your best on your special event such as a wedding
Special Occasion

If you have a wedding, reunion or birthday coming up and you want to look your best, we can help. With weddings you can choose personal training, Bride and Groom partner training or get the bridesmaids involved with a private group training program. Draw motivation from each other to lose weight and feel great, bond more and have a memorable experience you can look back on. In just 12 weeks you can reshape your body and look great for that special occasion.

Our Personal Trainer in Brisbane can help athletes including cyclists improve their stamina and endurance with cross training workouts for stronger legs and endurance

In cycling, the lower body needs more strength and our Personal Trainer can provide cross training workout programs for stronger legs and endurance. We can also guide a cyclist on the various core and upper body exercises. Cycling is also about stamina and endurance, you have to build it slowly and incorporate ascending / descending rides along the course of the training program. Stretching is also important after a long and difficult ride to cool down the body and for immediate muscle recovery.

Our Personal Trainer in Brisbane can help you improve your posture, core strength and awareness for swimming and aquatics

Our Personal Trainer can help you improve your posture, core strength and awareness, which is very important for good swimming technique. A strong stable core makes you more torpedo-like so you spear through the water in a straight line. Having a better posture will keep you straighter in the water, particularly your arm extension forwards. This means you'll expend less energy travelling down the pool. Being straighter will also avoid cross-overs, which ruin your catch technique and lead to shoulder injury.

Training for mountain climbing? Our Personal Trainer Kim Baram at Amore Fitness can help you prepare
Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing requires an appropriate amount of physical preparation time and energy to get your body ready for the demands and exposure to extreme conditions. Our Personal Trainer can help you achieve this through a custom-designed program which includes bodyweight and strength training exercises to build your strength, resistance and endurance exercises including aerobic conditioning to increase your stamina and aerobic and anaerobic endurance training to reduce excess body fat.


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Amore Fitness is a professional mobile personal training fitness business based in Brisbane, Queensland. We offer a premium, personalised health and fitness service with advice, motivation and support to help you lead a fitter, healthier, more active lifestyle.