Personal Training | Amore Fitness

Lose body fat, get leaner, fitter and feel great with a one-on-one Personal Trainer focussed on your goals and results.


Whatever your goal, together we can help you get fitter, increase flexibility, build strength and muscle mass and get healthier. Training with our Personal Trainers is the safest and most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Our experienced Personal Trainers are 100% committed and focussed on you and bring the motivation to encourage, challenge, support and inspire you to help you reach your goals.

Partner Training | Amore Fitness

Train with your partner, friend or family member and achieve your health and fitness goals together.


This is the perfect solution if you don't want to train alone and can give you the extra motivation and support you may need to achieving your goals. This is also a popular option to one-on-one personal training as you get the same benefits, but at a more affordable price.


If you choose to train outdoors and you have children, you can bring them with you. We already cater to couples with small children and there are plenty of parks with facilities to keep them occupied and active too!

Private Group Personal Trainer | Amore Fitness

This is the perfect solution if you want to train with your own group such as your friends, work colleagues or a team.

You receive the same benefits of personal training, with the ability to hold your sessions at times and locations convenient for your group at a more affordable price.

Training is catered for your own group so it doesn't matter if you have different fitness levels or abilities because we will work with you on what you are each able to do right now and progress from there. Sessions are pre-planned and always interesting with plenty of variety to ensure you're constantly being challenged to help you quickly reach your fitness goals.

Personal Training Brisbane | Amore Fitness

Personal Training Brisbane

Family Group Personal Training Brisbane | Amore Fitness

Get the whole family on board with personal training and reap the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.

Our family programs are designed around all ages and fitness levels and catered to the likes and dislikes of each individual to help the whole family achieve your specific needs and goals. We already have a number of families who are getting the full benefits of personal training for the whole family.

We include a variety of exercises into our programs to work your whole body which will help you get fitter, burn calories, lose fat/weight, improve balance, flexibility and strength, gain muscle, tone/shape your body and stabilise your core.
All our training methods can be modified to suit any specific health and fitness constraints or levels. So, if you have any special needs in regards to health issues e.g. bad knee or back etc, we are sure we can accommodate you.

Childrens Sport/Fitness Personal Trainer Brisbane

Programs are structured around the development level of each child or teen. Our trainers also have a Blue Card.

Fitness programs for children and teens are designed to build confidence and self-esteem and decrease childhood obesity by promoting a healthier lifestyle. This helps to develop a passion for physical activity and sport by making exercise fun, social and non-competitive in a supportive environment.


Our physical activity programs sees children and teens develop and enhance gross and fine motor skills and improve low muscle tone through exercises which include cardio, aerobic and anerobic, agility and response. Improvements are also noticed in social interaction, motivation and engagement including an increase in attention span and on-task behaviours.

We have qualified and experienced trainers who work with children.

Sports Specific Personal Trainer Brisbane

Our programs are designed around your chosen sport to help you go to the next level and give you a competitive edge.


Our Personal Trainer can measure your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, endurance and stamina, strength and flexibility and compare this to an optimal level which is required for your specific sport. We can also identify and measure areas needing improvement and focus on improving this so you can excel in your chosen sport.


Our sports specific programs are designed to maximise endurance, plyometrics, speed, power, agility, flexibility and core stability.


Mixing cardio and resistance training will also help you build strength and lose fat, whilst sculpting a tighter torso and flatter abs and this is determined by the particular exercises used.



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Amore Fitness is a professional mobile personal training fitness business based in Brisbane, Queensland. We offer a premium, personalised health and fitness service with advice, motivation and support to help you lead a fitter, healthier, more active lifestyle.