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Personal Trainer Brisbane - Kim Baram

Our commitment to you

Our trainers are passionate about what we do and dedicated to our clients, so it is important that you are committed and willing to do all it takes to achieve your fitness goals.

When you start training with us, we will assess what you are capable of doing right at the start and we will work with you to progressively improve your fitness level at each session.

You will feel welcomed and made comfortable throughout your training in a supportive environment, where motivation, encouragement and positive reinforcement are used to push you towards reaching your goals.

Personal Trainer Brisbane - Kim Baram

Everybody has different limitations and abilities, which is why safety considerations are always paramount during exercise as well as using proper technique and education, to not only prevent injury but to maximise results.


Every person is respected and treated like an individual and genuine care is shown towards your health and fitness goals, no matter how big or small.

We know that quality over quantity gets the best results so you can be assured you will have a safe and effective program and training style that suits you. Training is always professional, fun, effective and rewarding, with plenty of variety.

Personal Trainer Brisbane - Kim Baram

Our commitment to industry standards

Amore Fitness and our personal trainers are committed to maintaining industry standards, providing you with a quality professional fitness service and undertaking further education as required to assist you in the best way possible to achieving results.


Kim Baram and our personal trainers have a Certificate IV in Fitness as Personal Trainers, are registered and insured with Fitness Australia, hold current First Aid/CPR and Blue Card to work with children. This is to ensure you have qualified and experienced trainers and a safe environment to train in.



Everybody's journey is different – whether you want to lose weight, get fitter, stronger, build muscle, compete in an event or just get healthier.

Kim Baram Personal Trainer Brisbane | Amore Fitness

Kim Baram, Personal Trainer

Director of Amore Fitness

Our personal trainers bring a variety of fitness equipment to every session and will discuss with you the types of exercises that you will need to do and we will make modifications to any exercises should you have any exercise limitations or likes and dislikes. This is all done with the aim of making you as comfortable as possible during your fitness sessions.


We will also teach you about the muscles in your body, the right exercises that target those muscles and how to do those exercises with correct form and technique to maximise results.


We are committed to helping anyone who wants to change their life through health and fitness and providing you with the right knowledge, coaching and support to create new healthy habits, and getting you in the right mindset to achieving your goals.

When you first begin training with us, it doesn't matter whether you are already fit, never exercised before or out of shape, because you will undergo an assessment of your current fitness level at your first training session.


This is achieved by running you through a few simple yet effective fitness tests using a range of exercises to see where you are at, right at the start.

You will also be required to complete a pre-exercise screening form to identify any medical conditions you may have or have had in the past, which may put you at a higher risk when exercising.


The information you provide will help us determine what type of personalised fitness program to create that is specific to your goals – that achieves the best results and what will be required for you to reach them.


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Amore Fitness is a professional mobile personal training fitness business based in Brisbane, Queensland. We offer a premium, personalised health and fitness service with advice, motivation and support to help you lead a fitter, healthier, more active lifestyle.